Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bethesda Cemetery 1948

"This is Bethesda Cemetery. The date is 1948. There is no other info for this picture."  -- Library caption.

These photographs are just a handful of what looks to be a photo essay that was most likely taken by John Holly Williams himself.  (Although it should be noted that the photos are damaged and the exposures not up to his usual standards.)  

Note the Kudzu vines and the Spanish moss on the trees and what appears to be a live oak in the fourth shot.  I am not certain where this cemetery is, but it reminds me of Louisiana or perhaps the Natchez vicinity more so than the Piney Woods.  

That said, yesterday's posting featuring children at a church in 1939 turns out to be Bethseda Church east of Hazlehurst.  

Could this essay be connected to that community and cemetery or simply a coincidence of name?

UPDATE: I am told by a former Copiah County resident and librarian that Bethesda cemetery in the church yard of Bethesda Methodist church east of Gallman, MS, between Hazlehurst and Crystal Springs in Copiah County. The graves date back to the late 1800s.

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