Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hosea Reed -- Is That You?

From John Holly Williams Collection, LLF Library
"Single pose of young man sitting outside on a large rock. Copy made for Hosea Reed. No date." -- Library caption.

I chose the photograph because I vaguely remember Hosea Reed and his wife, Izola, who lived in a modest shingle-clad home not far from the old Haley Market -- before Brookway Boulevard forever changed the face of the area west of Highway 51.  

As I recall, Mr. Reed was somewhat reclusive, staying put in a darkened room of the little house when visitors came a calling, while a white-haired and kindly Mrs. Reed, born in 1900, took in sewing and ironing in a small annex to the house to help pay the bills.  

I got to know Mrs. Reed when my working mother got too busy to alter my clothes -- we took them to Mrs. Reed and she tailored them for a reasonable price.

My question is: is this a photo of Mr. Reed himself?  Or is it possibly of a former co-worker or a friend or relative?  According to the 1940 Census, Mr. Reed, born 1903, was a WPA laborer who was out of work 104 days when the census taker visited their Lincoln County home to gather their information. The census states that he had worked 39 weeks during 1939 -- my guess, on a local WPA project.

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