Friday, January 18, 2013

She Should Have Been in Pictures!

From the John Holly Williams Collection, LLF Library 

"Single pose of pretty young lady. Copy made for Arthur Samuels. Date 7/1/1946. On bottom of photo the words Hollywood Studio is stamped." -- Library caption.

Hollywood appears to be calling with what appears to be a studio headshot.  Who she is and what her connection might be to Brookhaven, if any, is a huge, unanswered question.  Notice above Hollywood is another embossed word, but I cannot make it out. It almost looks like Francois, which might change everything.

I am hopeful someone out there can enlighten me.  Is she someone famous that I'm not recognizing?  Is she a Hollywood Wanna Be with a backstory that leads to Brookhaven?  Or is she just another pretty face?  Perhaps our best clue to solving this mystery is the name Arthur Samuels, but it's not a name I'm familiar with.

Help, Y'all! 

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