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What Kind of Stove Does She Want? Why Caloric of Course!

Please see this link to The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, LA,  dated Feb. 28, 1912.
Photo I took on my last trip home, at the Inez Hotel, tile dating from circa 1904.

Figuring this one out wasn't easy.  For starters, in the article above, the groom's given name is Nathan, not Max, although it's quite possible Max was his nickname.  Dorris Daniel's first name is misspelled in any number of records online, and further complicating matters -- her mother is recorded in as being dead in 1908, when clearly she was her daughter's Matron of Honor in 1912 -- if the Hymeneal is to be believed.

It took a lot of wrestling with and Google, but I finally figured out that Dorris and her new husband went back to Philadelphia to run what would eventually become the Caloric Range Corp. (Click on turquoise link for Nathan Klein's obituary and a history of his business dealings.)

As the Hymeneal clipping indicates, Dorris (1890-1971) was given away by her maternal uncle, Richard T. Scherck, the builder of Brookhaven's beloved Inez Hotel, as her father, Sally Daniel (1861-1908) had passed away some four years earlier.

According to, Dorris's new husband, Nathan Klein, was born Germany on Nov. 2, 1886, to Samuel Klein (1855-1950) and Minna Daniel (1858-1951).  (Minna's maiden name made me wonder if the happy couple happened to be cousins, but I was unable to determine if the surname Daniel on both sides of the aisle was merely a coincidence or a shared branch in the family tree.)

The Hymeneal makes no mention of the groom's parent being present at the nuptials in Brookhaven.  (Minna, according to, was born to Meyer Daniel and Rachael Bieber in Prussia.)

I had some trouble tracking Julia Scherck Daniel, but it appears she was born to Abraham Scherck and Sara Green Scherck, in 1864.  Abraham was born in Posen, Germany in 1838, and came to the United States via the port of New Orleans in 1851 at the age of 13.  His union with Sara Green, born in Gnessen, Germany, in 1840, produced the aforementioned Richard T. and Julia, apparently being twins, according to information on FindaGrave.

But, getting back to our happy couple -- they went on to have two children -- Muriel Rose Klein and Selma Daniel Klein.

I was unable to find an obituary for Dorris, but I did find that her name lived on into modern times.  An event at the prestigious equestrian event at Devon evidently was named in her honor in 2010.

This ad for Caloric shows Nathan Klein on the upper right.

I found little or nothing about the Parkside Hotel in Philadelphia where the couple took up residence after their honeymoon.  However, I DID manage to find this bit of history in general of Parkside in Philly, which gives us some idea of the aforementioned "prominence."

For those who want to read more on the families, here are three links from linklink2  and link3. (Although if you are not a member of Ancestry, be forewarned the links do not always work.)

Update: Here's a link I found showing a picture of Nathan Klein in 1965.

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