Thursday, June 13, 2013

Every Picture Has a Story

From the LLF Library Archives

"Golman Family, 1940-1960
Lura Golman sits to the right of the older woman in the center. Her younger sister, Myrtle Golman, is on the right end. 
Lura Golman worked for Stahl-Urban for many years and lived on family property located just south of the current Hwy 84/Hwy 51 intersection. 
At that time, the area between her home and town flooded frequently. An old tale was told of her driving to Stahl-Urban and going off the road during a heavy rain. 
Other motorists stopped to rescue her as she swam away from the sinking car.  Lura promptly went home, dried off, changed clothes, and went to work." -- Library caption.
Now that's a work ethic!

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