Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Inside Grafton's Pharmacy

From the Don Jackson Collection, LLF Library

"Three men are standing around a product in Grafton's Drug Store. The product may be from Schering company." -- Library caption.

Our family did not do trade at Grafton's, so I am not familiar with any of the people in the photo, when this photo may have been taken or even where the store was located.  Help with those details would be appreciated, either here or on Facebook.

UPDATED & Corrected:  I am told that the man on the left is Gene Dempsey of Brookhaven.


  1. o my....the man on the left is definitely Gene Dempsey, father of Jimmy Dempsey. We attended church with this family. I am wondering if the suited man is a drug rep!

  2. You might find this helpful:

  3. I only remember East's Pharmacy and the pharmacy my mother used, which I can't recall the name of (Rexall, perhaps), which was a little north of State Bank.