Sunday, June 2, 2013

We're Moving On ...

Both photos from the Don Jackson Collection -- LLF Library
These photos are likely from the late 1940s or 1950s, though I cannot be certain because I have no real eye for truck cab makes and models.

I like these photos for any number of reasons: starting with the size of the trailer, which, if compared to today's moving vans, well, it goes to show that households and the contents therein were imminently smaller than they are today.

The first photo also gives us a glimpse of the old Railroad Freight Station, which I believe has long since been torn down.  The corrugated metal building in the background is also of interest, but I cannot place where it is/was.

I don't remember exactly where the old freight station was, so if someone cares to chime in or has information on Reeds Transfer and the men pictured herein, please feel free to do so here or on Facebook.

UPDATE:  This company was started by W.C. Reed right after his discharge from the Navy post WWII.  Each of the trucks was named after a family member, this, according to Monty Reed. Thanks, Monty!

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