Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Home of Good Year Tire & Rubber

Don Jackson Collection, LLF Library 
"This empty building was bought and turned into a Goodyear Tire Store. The building is located on Hwy 51." -- Library Caption

Some of us can remember what this building housed before it became a tire store.  And it was a whole lot more fun, wasn't it?

Hint for those who don't know: Many a spare was scored in this building BEFORE it became an automotive mecca.

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  1. Fun to remember the Bowling Alley Days! In the early sixties, I was part of a four person "team" consisting of Beverly Bolian, Carolyn Ann Collums, Amanda Diffrient, and moi. We bowled on Saturdays, I think, wearing matching pleated skirts and blouses. Sooooo cool, we thought.