Thursday, June 6, 2013

Roberts Farm Supply and More

Both B&W photos from the Don Jackson Collection at LLF Library.
If anyone recognizes any of the men in the first photo, please offer up names and possible dates, here or on Facebook.  I am not clear where the brick building may have been located, but I believe the tin building is not far from the old Arrington Machine Works.  The smokestack in both photos is a good indicator of the location, although it is a part of town that I am not too familiar with.

The photo below is one I took a few years ago in the same vicinity.  These tractors reminded me of those in my favorite animated movie Cars.  I offer it here just because I like it and it serves as a reminder of days gone by.



  1. In the early 1950s, Nettles Purina was located on the east side of the railroad tracks on the north edge of downtown. The buildings look familiar - Roberts must have taken over the business. I don't recognize any of the men in the photo.

  2. Thanks, Bob. I have posted pictures of Nettles before as well. I need to go back and see if the buildings look the same.

  3. Roberts' Farm Supply was owned by one of my best friend's father. Kenneth Roberts is the man in the center in the suit. Kenneth and Jerry Roberts were members of our First United Methodist Church and lived on Bay Street. I think Mrs. Roberts still lives there. They were parents of Ken, Jr., Brad, and Jane Roberts. It was located at 223 North First Street,where Bob described. Mr. Roberts later started selling Kubota Tractors there until he retired and sold out. As of 1999, it was known as Farmbelt Equipment Co. Not sure who owned it then.

  4. Thanks, Caroline for the information! Excellent!