Friday, June 14, 2013

More Stahl Urban -- 1950

"Sewing Pants, 1950. Women seated at machines, sewing. Pants are visible in the right front of the photograph. In the center is a stack of completed garments, still turned inside out." -- Library caption

"Clyde Britt, on right, and another man are cutting the pattern. In front of the man on the left is a stack of fabric already cut with the pattern still on top." -- Library caption

"Long tables with employees seated on both sides. On the right and at the far end rows of employees stand for the photograph. On the table, each employee has a plate and a bottled Coca-Cola. Identified are: 1st man seated on left - Mr. Garrigan. On the right side of the table: seated - 2nd from right - Hazel Allen and 3rd from right - Helen Montgomery. Standing behind them: 1st on right - Stella Reeves and 2nd on right - Louise West - sisters and line supervisors." -- Library Caption
All photos are from the John Holly Williams collection, LLF Library.

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  1. I had never seen the inside of the company. People sure were thinner back then, yet they're all drinking Coke. I remember at least one of my teachers holding a Kleenex around her Coke bottles to keep her hands from getting cold, I assumed. If you had Raynaud's Disease (as I do now), maybe it helped.