Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Impossible Years -- In More Ways Than One

L-R: Johnny Phillips, Stacie Browne, Sherry Kollmeyer, Gene Spring

L-R: Unknown, Stacie Browne, Pat or Loyola Reel?, Susan Reuter, Peggy McNeil, Tommy Ballard, Sherry Kollmeyer, Gene Spring

L-R: Doug Phillip, Stacie Browne, Johnny Phillips

Photo Credit: Patricia Jacobs, Daily Leader
Bloggers Note: Technical difficulties have resulted in my being unable to present to you Dr. Leo Brooks' "Bravo, Bravo" review in the Daily Leader of this theatrical production by the St. Francis Youth Players, which took place early December 1970.  If I am able to figure out how to present it in JPEG format, I will update this blog at a later time.

For now, please enjoy this part of the posting and stay tuned for any updates.

This production of The Impossible Years was a labor of love by the late Mr. John Bagnato (Sr.)  A native of New York, Mr. Bagnato was active in Little Theater and the St. Francis Youth Players and he brought a flair to any theatrical presentation, which included the latest in costuming and how to build an inclined set, Broadway style.

This quintessential "generation gap" story, The Impossible Years, by Bob Fisher and Arthur Marx, takes place in the den and living room of the Kingsley home in Old Westbury, Long Island.  As noted on the play bill, it was produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Directed by Hal Samuels, it starred Gene Spring as Dr. Jack Kingsley; Peggy McNeil as Linda Kingsley; Pat Reel as Abbey Kingsley; and Stacie Browne as Alice Kingsley.

Sherry Kollmeyer portrayed athletic director Miss Hammer; Johnny Phillips, Richard Merrick; and J.W. Smith had the role of Rickey Fleisher.  Stacy Godbold played Francine; Bill Haag, Wally; and Bruce Nettles was Dennis.  Billy Jacobs had the role of Andy and Tommy Ballard was Bartholomew Smuts, the hippie.

Robert W. ("Bob") Pittman portrayed Dr. Harold Fleisher while Doug Phillip was Arnold Brecher.  Irwin Kniberg (Boy) was played by James Latham.

Other names from the behind the scenes are: John Bagnato Jr., Staging & Assistant Director;  Molly Carruth, Mistress of Ceremonies & Publicity; Prompter, Loyola Reel; Jenny Bagnato and Barbara Davis, Properties & Ticket Sales; Steve Morris and Ray Bagnato, Lighting; Susan Reuter, Sound Effects; Sherry Kollmeyer and Molly Carruth, Program Design; Mr. James Doremus, Mr. R.C. Phillip, Mr. John Bagnato (Sr.), Set Assistance; Mrs. Ben Spearman, Mrs. John Bagnato, Mrs. Jap Becker, Mrs. R.C. Phillip, Mr. Joe Moak, Adult Advisors.
A special thank you to Ray Bagnato for scanning in and providing copies of the Daily Leader review and his father's copy of the program, which was autographed by every participant.  We have opted not to provide that here, for obvious reasons.