Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Prize Catch and a Possible Clue to a Mystery ...

From the John Holly Williams Collection, LLF Library

"Five men holding a long line of fish. Taken downtown Brookhaven. Date 8/13/1951." -- Library Caption

I am featuring this photo not so much for the catch and the unnamed men and little boy to the far right, but for what's in the background -- Gulley's Men's Store.  

Two days ago, a post of Wilson's Department Store got a lot of people wondering where on earth it might have been in downtown Brookhaven, if at all, and a lively debate ensued on my Facebook page.  

I am thinking that since Gulley's (now the approximate location of Smith's Jewelers) was east of Benoits and west of Hodge's, that Gulley's was probably the location for Wilson's, which operated in the mid 1960s, according to a Facebook friend who worked there over the Christmas holidays in 1965.  

Comments, opinions, and respectful disagreements are welcome, here or on Facebook!  

I just love a mystery, don't you?

Also, if anyone recognizes any of the men or the little boy in the photo, please offer up names.  


  1. A year after this photo was taken, I worked at Gulley's a few Saturdays in the fall of 1952 when I was a Senior at BHS. Mr. Hodge also worked there at the time - he later bought the men's store on the corner. I do not remember when Mr. Gulley retired or sold his store; I was in New Orleans after 1953.

  2. Thanks for the information, Bob. It's still a mystery where Wilson's might have been. I have one Facebook friend who says he worked at Wilson's Department Store in 1965, but no one seems to know where it might have been. The mystery continues.