Sunday, May 5, 2013

Coach! (and Friends)

From the John Holly Williams Collection

"Men sitting around a table. Note reads 'City of Brookhaven.' Date 3/8/1951." -- LLF Library Caption

Yesterday's post of the old City Pool brought up a lot of fond memories of a man we all simply called Coach.  

Coach Robert L.Therrell, with his ever-present impish smile, is pictured here at age 55, first row, second from right.  

This photo caption does not carry identifications, and I am not sure who most of these folks are, although I suspect that they may be the board of aldermen in 1951.  I think recognize Lucien Whittington, second from the left, in the lighter colored suit.

At the time this photo was taken, Jewel Campbell was mayor. 

W.W. "Honey" Godbold Sr. served as mayor from 1953 to 1962,  and when he died in office, his wife Myrtis stepped into his role for one year, 1962 to 1963. (Could that be Honey in the center chair?) 

According to Dr. Jack Tindall's book, Coach was elected mayor in 1963 and served in that capacity until 1965.   

Coach died Oct. 18, 1986, at age 90.  Information from Findagrave shows that he was born in Rankin County and served as a second lieutenant in the US Army during WWI.  He and wife Ruby Landrum Therrell had one child, Bobbye F. Therrell, who suffered from cerebral palsy.  

The 1940 Census gives a slightly different account, saying Coach was born in Texas.  His daughter was reported to be 15 in 1940, which would put her birthdate at 1925 and not 1921 as reported on FindaGrave.  Her date of death is also in question, with Findagrave reporting it to be 1993, but others who knew the family well report that she passed away before her father, in 1983.

As always, feel free to offer up names of anyone you recognize in this photo, either here or on my Facebook page.  


  1. I am thinking the man in the center is W.W. Godbold, Sr. If Jewel Campbell was mayor at time of picture, shouldn't he be part of this group? Thanks for letting me see Coach Therrell again...though his face is indelibly etched in my mind(I could see him everytime I turned my head to breathe)...cheering me on from poolside as I attempt to swim the width of the pool in the extremely chilly (spring-fed) water! (Is that a Lofton brother standing far left?)

  2. Bettie, I tend to agree that that is probably Honey Godbold, and your observation that it would make sense by his seating that he would be the "mayor" in this photo. Assuming Dr. Jack didn't make a major mistake in his book about the mayoralty dates, it would not be the first time that a library photo carried an incorrect date or name in a caption. I too wonder if this is not the 1953 town leaders.

  3. Henry Ware Hobbs, Sr, standing left.