Friday, May 10, 2013

Brookhaven's Bravest ... And Our Very Own "Red" ...

From the Don Jackson Collection, LLF Library 
"Brookhaven Fire Department -- Several men are standing on a street in front of a fire truck."  -- Library caption.

Names?  Dates?  Please offer up what you may know.  My best guess that this photo was taken in the mid to late 1960s.  They are standing in front of the old brick fire house from 1910, which is at the back of old City Hall, now home to the Chamber of Commerce.  The steps on the lower right are those of the first public library. 

On a personal note: I simply love the 1956 American LaFrance fire truck on the right, since I am a diehard fan of the animated movie Cars, which featured a "shy" fire truck just like this one called "Red."  

I wonder the fate of Brookhaven's own version of "Red."  Anyone know?

Update: I'm told that third from left is Paul Sartin. 

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