Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ma Bell Gets a New Home

Both Photos from the Don Jackson Collection, LLF Library
"This large building foundation belongs to Bell Telephone Company. You can see Fisk Tire business in the background." -- Library caption.

I am not clear on the date of these photos, but it most likely from the early 1960s.  I like the above shot for the background, depicting the "Fisk Tire" business and building that was razed in 1971 to make way for the First Baptist Church on East Monticello. The building sporting the Paul Johnson banner is the old Entrican Motors building, which still stands today.

The photo below (which ran in a previous Sippiana post) shows the street level view and reveals that the "foundation" mentioned in the above caption is actually the roof of the building.  

Further helping to narrow the possible date, the "newest" car that I recognize is the 1959 Chevy on the far right. Johnson ran for Lieutenant Governor in 1959 and won, but I suspect the banner may have been for his bid for governor some four years later.  (The previous posting shows the large, two-story home that was sold in 1958 and later torn down to make way for this new commercial structure.)

This telephone company building stands today, though I am unclear as to whether it is still the home of Ma Bell.  

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  1. so, that would be the side of the Inez Hotel/Apartment building in the upper right corner of first photo?