Wednesday, May 8, 2013

War Brides and Best Girls at McCall's Creek

L to R: Louise Stratton, Unidentified, Mary Becker Hatcher, Unidentified, and Adine Becker Hill 
L to R: Adine Becker Hill,  Louise Stratton,  Unidentified (FennCile Arrington?), Unidentified and Unidentified 

These really fun snapshots are courtesy of Bettie Hatcher Cox, whose mother Mary Becker Hatcher is pictured in the first photograph.

These beautiful young women hung out together during WWII while waiting for their husbands and/or boyfriends to return home from the war.

Here they are posing for the camera at McCall's Creek, a popular sunning and cooling off spot for generations of Piney Woods dwellers.

If anyone recognizes those who are unidentified, please leave word here or on my Facebook page.

Blogger's Note: A special thank you to Bettie for forwarding these delightful photos.  

UPDATE:  Arrington family members believe the lady second from left in the first photograph may be Sash Arrington, sister of A. C. Arrington, rather than his bride, FennCile, the identification of which, I concede, was my error, having probably seen a picture of Sash when I was a kid, hanging out with my best friend Ursula at her house, and mistaking it for her Momma FennCile.

The family is uncertain whether that is FennCile in the second photo, rocking the white framed sunglasses, so if anyone out there recognizes this long-stemmed beauty, please leave a note here or on Facebook.

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