Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keeping It Real, Keeping It Clean!

From the Don Jackson Collection, LFF Library

"Keep Your City Clean -- Several men are standing on a street in downtown Brookhaven Mississippi. They are members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. They are showing the new trash cans for the downtown area of Brookhaven."  -- Library caption.

This one is driving me crazy. 

The man on the left looks like a youthful James Noble, Esq., and the man directly behind him looks so very familiar, but the name simply isn't coming to me -- although I am inclined to think it MAY be Henry Ware Hobbs, Esq. 

While the detail isn't sharp enough for me to say definitively, I can only imagine that the man on the far right is wearing a seersucker suit.  The spectator shoes and the Panama hat are so natty, I can hardly stand it! 

My best guess is this was taken in the late 1940s, given the car models in the distance and the neckties.

If anyone recognizes any of these men, please leave word here or on my Facebook page.

UPDATE:  We have a consensus:  It is agreed that James Noble and Henry Ware Hobbs are the start of the L-R.  The next in the L-R is a ? and Bill Perkins is holding the trash can and Milton Schesinger, owner of the Shirley Slipper Shop, is standing on the right of the receptacle.    

Next in the L-R is ? and the natty dresser on the far right is Jewel Campbell, who owned Dixie Lumber Company and who served as mayor of Brookhaven 1950-52.  Campbell also dabbled in real estate development in Brookhaven and Jackson, according to his daughter Sylvia.

Some have suggested that Honey Godbold is in this picture, but I am unable to recognize which of the two remaining candidates would step forward to make that claim.  Additional help is needed in that regard!!


  1. That is definitely Jimmy Nobles and Henry Ware Hobbs. The guy on the right is your honorable Mayor Bill Godbold. Love the look! I have some guesses on the others, but maybe someone more confident than I am will speak up.

  2. Hi, Caroline, So the man to the immediate right of Henry Ware Hobbs is Honey Godbold? Without his proverbial eyeglasses?

    1. No, I think the gent in the Panama Hat on the far right is W. W. Godbold, III. A quick search reveals he did not become mayor until 1965, so I was mistaken to call him "Mayor" at the time of your picture.

  3. Hi, that is Jewel Campbell, identified by his daughter Sylvia. Honey Godbold was Bill Goldbold's father and Honey was first elected mayor in 1953.

  4. Glad my mistake was corrected, and he was properly identified. Several other faces are familiar. Perhaps, someone else will recognize them.