Friday, May 31, 2013

Another One with a Certain How You Say ...

From the John Holly Williams Collection -- LLF Library
"A copy of (a photo of) a girl sitting in grass was made for Mrs. W. A. Garner; Rt 3, Box 58, Brookhaven Miss. The date that the copy was made was September 6, 1945," -- Library caption.

Here's another photo from Mr. Williams' collection that has a strange, captivating quality.  The subject is holding what appears to be flowers, possibly made of tissue, and what may be a paper cutout that I can only describe as bearing a resemblance to the Easter Seals symbol. (But a quick check of the internet shows that that trademark didn't come into being until 1952.)  

Her unusual pose and pensive gaze toward the horizon only add to the intrigue.  

Just who she is (a Garner perhaps?) and the occasion for the photo remain a mystery, although the copy was made just a few days after the Japanese surrendered and WWII drew to an official close.  Could she be waiting for a soldier or a sailor to return home?  

If anyone recognizes this young lady and knows the history of how this photo came to be, please leave word her or on Facebook.

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